SEO Outsourcing Isn’t As Clear Cut As You Might Think – Read This Before Spending Your Money

If you run a business or work for a marketing department of any kind the term SEO has most likely been on your radar. If not, you’re missing out on one of the highest ROI marketing channels available today. No matter how much of a grasp you feel you have on the subject, finding the time to implement the important aspects of SEO into your website is not always easy. So what to do when you don’t have the time to implement important business driving practices?  You outsource of course!  In fact, it’s a much more common practice today than most other Internet marketing tactics.

Is SEO as simple as paying someone else to do it?  Well, sometimes it truly can be.  Other times it can be a complete nightmare. This site is designed to take you through the steps and show you what to look for and/or avoid. When you get it right you’ll begin to see more search engine visitors and sales than ever before.

Let’s get started.  Or if you’re in a hurry, see our #1 Recommendation for SEO outsourcing here.

Consideration #1 – What Is the Goal of Your Campaign?

seo outsourcingWhen you look to hire a SEO outsourcing company, you are most likely first going to hear about Google rankings. While search engine rankings are important, they are not everything when it comes to making your online business a success. Being ranked #1 in a search engine is not going to have a direct effect on your revenue. What you need to see is results that will lead to more visitors, sales, phone calls and leads. These are the metrics your outsourcing SEO company should be focused on. After all, you can easily get a site listed in the top rankings, but if the content is not there, the sales will not be either. When you are looking for the right company to take over, make sure you choose one that focuses on a wide array of metrics and is not simply focused on rankings.

Consideration #2 – What Can You Expect When You Hire An Outsourcing Agency?

There’s really only a few ways to go about this.  One, you hire a full service SEO professional to manage every aspect of your campaign for you.  Two, you choose an outsourcing platform that provides the services you need to implement your own campaign plan.  Three, you do a combination of the above where you get a consultation and then you order services based on those recommendations.  No matter which you choose you need to keep the following in mind.

When you begin searching for a company, be wary of anyone who promises you results. Any good SEO will immediately tell you they cannot offer you a “rankings” guarantee. Though this may make you feel uncomfortable, there is no reason for you to expect a certain result from any of these services. If anyone offers to get you to the top of Google in thirty days or less, they are most likely scamming you and will run away with your money, leaving you with nothing in return.  Avoid these type of firms or services like the plague.

Full Service SEO Professionals Will:

  1. Analyze Your Site – If your site isn’t in good search engine “health” you’ll have no chance at ranking no matter how much money you throw at a project.  For example, a major ranking concern is quality unique content.  They should be able to easily see if your content fits the criteria you need to hit in order to rank.
  2. Analyze Your Links – On page factors like content are just one part of the whole picture.  A true pro will look at your back link profile and make suggestions for improvement if needed.
  3. Analyze Your Competitors – No marketer worth their salt would ignore the competition.  SEO’s are no different.  They can and should analyze all aspects of your top competitors campaigns and find opportunities based on the data.
  4. Create A Campaign Based On All Of The Above – There’s no one size fits all when it comes to outsourcing SEO.  Your campaign should be custom built just for you, your niche, and your specific goals.

Outsourcing Platforms Should

  1. Offer A Large Variety of High Quality Services – There are several aspects to implementing a strong campaign.  For example you need good content, great research, and a wide array of link building options available to you.  And it all should be the highest quality possible.  This is no small feat.
  2. Bring Valuable Tools And Information To The Table – It’s not enough just to have a some tools at your disposal.  Information can be just as powerful a tool as anything else.  The platform you choose should be owned and operated by ethical, knowledgeable practitioners.  Why would you want to use the services of a company that doesn’t use their own?

This is why it is important to fully research the company or consultant you want to work with.  You need to find out exactly how they plan to implement your campaign and based on what data. The more you know before you hire the company, the less chances of you being unhappy with your results.

Tips for Hiring the Right SEO Professionals

  • The key to finding the right SEO professionals is to work with a reputable company. This means you are going to have to do some homework and research the company well. Find out about their reputation. Ask for references and make sure you check them. If a company is not using ethical practices, they are not worth your time or money.
  • Price is not always the driving factor. As the old saying goes, you do get what you pay for. While it may be tempting to go with the cheapest company, you could end up with cheap results. You should look at the different rates of several reputable companies and make sure the rate you are being quoted matches in with these. You do not have to pay an exorbitant amount to find a good company. Simply look for an affordable and fair price.
  • Experience is extremely important in SEO. You need to make sure you are hiring a firm or individual who knows all of the ins and outs of SEO and is well-educated on the latest practices. You will see the best results from those firms who have been working in SEO for some time. Make sure they can back up what they say and are not giving you empty promises.
  • No matter what type of SEO firm or professional you work with, make sure you are very
    clear about the services you expect. This is not the time for vague expectations. By clearly outlining what you want from the very beginning of the project, you will be able to easily measure the results you are getting, so you can be assured the seo outsourcing you have hired is actually benefiting you and you are getting what you are paying for.

If you use these tips to help you hire the best SEO firm, you are sure to find one that will fully meet your needs and expectations. For some companies, hiring a SEO firm is a necessity and helps them to keep their site optimized and offering the best content for their visitors.

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Our Top Questions Asked (And Their Answers)

Question:  Why Is SEO Good?

Answer:  SEO is a fantastic traffic source for several reasons.  First and foremost we find that it tends to have the highest return on investment over time.  Despite the fact that it doesn’t have instant results like paid advertising it does have superior return over the lifetime of the website’s presence in the search engines.  Another reason is because a well ranked website tends to be seen as an authority in it’s respective market.  This is great for branding and word of mouth advertising.  Both of these aspects are powerful revenue drivers.

Question:  Why Is SEO Bad?

Answer:  SEO isn’t bad.  It has a couple of potential downsides however.  Firstly, it can take quite a bit of time to achieve desirable results (although the opposite is also true).  Sometimes you can work for as long as 6 months to a year on a campaign before you see a good return on investment.  Secondly, most SEO traffic comes from one source – Google.  If Google decides to penalize your site you could lose highly profitable rankings instantly.  If that is your only traffic source then your business could be in big trouble very quickly.  Giving Google that much power over your business is not a sound business model.  That’s why SEO should always be a channel of traffic to your site, not your site’s entire traffic source.

Question:  When Should SEO Be Used?

Answer:  SEO should be part of your site launching process from the early planning stages.  Before you ever publish a page on the Internet you should have a plan for keywords you’d like to target, the content you’ll create to target that content, and how you plan to acquire backlinks to that content in order to get it ranked well in Google.  Because SEO can sometimes take time before good results happen it’s best to get started as soon as possible.  Plan early and plan often.  When you implement on those plans you’ll see much better results than if you were to simply “wing it.”

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