Enterprise SEO – 3 Steps To Choosing The Right Platform

Keeping up with the competition in today’s rabidly competitive SEO environment is tough. The knowledge and experience needed to effectively move the needle on your site’s search engine rankings is intimidating. That’s just the hard truth for every business out there. Whether you’re a local pizza shop or a multi-national corporation.

enterprise SEO platformWhat’s more intimidating is trying to achieve ROI positive results when you own a site with hundreds of thousands of pages. Heck, it’s not completely unheard of to have over a million pages. While we’re at it let’s add the fact that many SEO procedures are done by hand! How does a professional justify the time it takes to go through 350,000 web pages and write titles and meta descriptions by hand?

The truth is, they don’t justify it. They don’t do that because they’re simply aren’t enough hours in the day to make that happen in a reasonable, R.O.I-minded time frame. That’s where enterprise SEO comes into play.

What Is Enterprise SEO?

That’s a great question and it’s one without a hard and fast definition from your typical educational sources. But we’ll go ahead and share with you a definition that is generally agreed upon…

Enterprise SEO is the practice of implementing traditional SEO procedures on large websites (typically thousands to literally millions of web pages) to achieve favorable search engine rankings.

Now here’s where the definition becomes a little less… agreed upon. Some professionals feel as though this type of SEO is not only performed on a huge scale but performed within the strict environment of large corporate businesses as well. This means that the SEO in charge will have to deal with the struggles of having little to no power, delayed time tables due to proverbial “red tape”, close interaction with legal departments, and in general a need to play political games in order to complete their work to the best of their ability.

If that side of Enterprise SEO sounds like a headache that’s because it truly is. Dealing with stuffy, slow moving corporate entities can be suffocating to the search engine optimization process. There’s often so much red tape that the service provider finds it nearly impossible to implement the strategies that are needed to get the client’s (or employer’s) site to the top of the search engines.

This ugly underbelly isn’t inevitable when dealing with Enterprise level programs however. In fact, it’s flat out incorrect to assume all sites that fall into this category are run by that nightmare corporate business.

What Makes A Site Right For Enterprise SEO Services?

You may be a fairly big company but your site may not require enterprise level services. On the flip side of that coin, you may be a small 1 or 2 person shop with a legitimate need for this level of SEO help. Or in other words, if you don’t own an enterprise level website, you most likely won’t need enterprise SEO (we say most likely because there are a few cases when a medium sized site could benefit from these tactics. But that’s a different topic;)

Here are the factors that come into play when classifying your website as “enterprise” level.

  • Size of Website / Number of Products or Services – This is by far the biggest factor when determining if your site is considered an “enterprise website” or not. Small companies with huge websites are still classified in this way. The size of the corporation does not truly have an impact on whether a site is classified as enterprise or not. It’s all about meeting the needs of the project and the number of products, services, and general web pages play the biggest role.
  • Authority of Website – This is another aspect when determining “enterprise” versus “non-enterprise” level sites. If your site (or your client’s) has 1000’s of products and pages but only a couple of hundreds backlinks it will not classify as enterprise. This type of site simply won’t have the ability to pass enough link value to deeper pages on the site. It’s authority level is very low.
Before You Choose An Enterprise SEO Service Provider or Platform

There are a lot of enterprise SEO platforms and service providers available today. Before you license software, sign a contract, or hire an in-house enterprise SEO specialist; it’s ideal to make sure you’re ready to do so. Here are the key questions to make sure you answer before moving forward:

enterprise content management system1 – Are You Using An Adequate Content Management System?

A good enterprise level CMS has many features to help prepare your site for good search engine optimization. For example, when you’re dealing with potentially millions of web pages it’s important that your CMS include some level of automation.

A good CMS will allow you to create rules and automated actions based on your input. When building a page it will automate automate the creation URLs, title tags, H1 tags, breadcrumb navigation links, canonical tags. Your CMS is the bedrock, the foundation of your SEO efforts. Make sure this piece of software is solid and capable of handling all that you need it to in the foreseeable future. Changing your CMS is not something you want to do often, if ever. But if you do have to do it – make sure it’s before you invest a good portion of your budget on SEO.

2 – Do You Have The Proper Staff To Manage the SEO Process

Your staff may not be doing the technical SEO campaign work but they will need to be able to manage the project. Do you have the right person for the job?

3 – Have You Established KPI’s For The Project?

By tracking and these KPI’s (key performance indicators) you’ll be able to establish what’s working and what isn’t. Without this you’ll never know if your investment was worth it or not. You cannot improve that which is not measured.

Final Thoughts

There is no part of enterprise SEO that is a small endeavor, neither from the buyer nor the provider’s perspective. To achieve the best results possible due diligence is essential. When your organization and your web property are prepared then you’re ready to find a reputable enterprise SEO services provider or platform.

That search is no small task either. There are tips and tricks to finding the right partner to get your site to the top of the search results. Over the years we’ve encountered our fair share of enterprise SEO projects and providers. We’ll share every pro tip we’ve got to help you find the platform that’s right for you and your project. Until then, do your due diligence!

Our Top Questions Asked (And Their Answers)

Question:  How Do I Do Enterprise SEO?

Answer:  Enterprise SEO tactics often require coding techniques that apply dynamic optimization rules to your website across an enormous number of pages.  For example, this may include category name conventions that improves the site’s internal architecture.  This not only improves optimization, but it improves how easily navigable the site can be by it’s visitors.  Any SEO tactics you choose to do when working with Enterprise sites have to be done on a much larger scale than regular sites.

Question:  Where Can I Have Inbound Links Built For Me?

Answer:  There are many merchants willing to perform inbound link services for your enterprise website.  The keys to picking a good inbound link building team rely on reputation, proven track record, customer service, and pricing.  You must absolutely do your due diligence when choosing who to work with.  Put the time and effort into finding the right team for your company.  Our own agency chooses to work with PosiRank for all of our SEO projects including enterprise level.