Hubshout Review – A White Labeler’s Dream?

Hubshout’s white label SEO platform is impressive. Where things start to come apart is on the backend. We get into that and more in this review.

As professional SEO’s that offer services to clients we see and do business with many SEO related vendors. Some of those vendors run digital marketing agencies on the side as well. And when you’ve been doing this as long as we have you tend to create relationships with those vendors and agencies.

It’s just part of doing business. You develop friendships and strategic partnerships with the people you like and do business with. It’s just natural, right? It happens to anyone in any business if they’ve been doing it long enough.

…Well, one of those friendships will become very important to this story in just a second…

It just so happens that as we were evaluating white label SEO platforms some of our friends were too. We decided that you might benefit from multiple perspectives on Hubshout’s reseller services.

This is where that important friend comes into the story…As we were evaluating platforms like PosiRank and eBrandz we decided to point our friend in the direction of Hubshout. Their site looks very professional, the copy spoke to several specific needs we all have as white label partners, and as far as we could see – they had a decent reputation.

Keep in mind this was just over 2 years ago.

Fast forward to roughly 18 months ago when that friend of ours finally got around to trying out Hubshout. Let me tell you… It was love at first sight for them. I mean, they fell hard. Here’s what they told us about their experience.

First Impressions

Hubshout’s dashboard system was by far the best we’d seen up unitl this point. Everything was so integrated. It all worked together. From all the basic SEO tools and reporting to lead capture and conversion tracking. This system was more than just an SEO reseller and we liked that about them…

What We Like

#1 – Reseller Dashboard – Very Pretty and clean interface. As we mentioned the integration between all of their marketing systems is impressive. There are lots of pretty charts and graphs to easily visualize your campaign’s data. Data driven marketing is the only truly effective marketing; so we were glad they took that seriously.

hubshout dashboard overview

#2 – Call Tracking / Conversion tracking – Need to know how many calls a particular ad or placement has produced? They’ve got you covered. Their sales center provides web forms to integrate into your site that allow you to capture leads. You can also easily see phone and lead conversions within your dashboard.

#3 – Local SEO – Customer Review Monitoring. This is often referred to as “social listening.” You’ll be able to monitor your brand keywords for mentions across the web. When a new mention pops up you’ll be know it and have the ability to respond accordingly.

hubshout local SEO and social listening

What We Don’t Like

Hubshout’s communication with resellers (in our experience) leaves a lot to be desired. They say things like “meet your new team.” We felt as though we were just “another reseller” often times waiting days to get a reply from support.

That kind of thing is simply unacceptable when we’re running a business with clients that pay us a lot of money to have the answers at our fingertips.

**Note From The Author**
As it turns out our friends weren’t the only people having this kind of trouble with Hubshout. Here are a couple of reviews from around the web that speak to a lot of the same issues our friends had.

1 Star Out of 5 – “Their client communication is also really really really bad partly because of the project tracking system and because they will have 5 people working on one issue and each of them have no idea what is going on. Forget about trying to get them on the phone, no one ever picked up when I called. Also, it would seem every person I worked with with the exception of a manager was an intern or kid still in school.”
Judd Dunagan
Google Review

Here’s a snippet from a review by a gentleman that was overcharged by Hubshout.

Several days passed with no response from my rep. So I called in and spoke to a very nice guy who verified the mistake and opened a customer service ticket. I received email messages of the various internal conversations regarding the matter but no refund.
Rodney Goldston

***End Note***

Beyond communication there were a few technical SEO details that bothered us as well.

#1 – Their SEO strategy relies almost entirely on content creation and syndication. While that strategy alone isn’t necessarily a bad strategy it’s not complete. To achieve truly dominant rankings for high value keywords you’re going to need high domain authority links in addition to what they’re offering.

#2 – Maybe This One is Just a Pet Peeve, But it’s a Peeve None the Less – When you examine their SEO packages there’s a slightly troubling word that pops up. It may seem small. It may even seem trivial to some. But when a company offering high end SEO services talks about “keyword density” I get a little bit anxious.

Keyword density is a dead concept. If you’re concerned with keyword density your content must not be that good or you just don’t know that much about the topic. Density should never be an issue for content written by English first writers that have done even a small amount of research.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you find our friend’s experience with Hubshout quite compelling. It’s not just our friends who’ve taken issue with Hubshout’s performance in certain areas. Others are posting about it on the web as well. And in fact we too have found their support to be more than a little bit laggy.

When you work with an SEO reseller, hubshout or anyone else, you have to have reliable support. Communication between reseller and service provider is crucial to giving the end customer the best experience possible. Great software and services isn’t enough to run a successful digital marketing agency. Try not to be distracted by the attractive aspects and keep your customer’s experience at the top of your mind.