6 Tips To Effectively Outsource Link Building Every Time

Competition in the marketplace is a good thing. Not only does it force companies to improve their products and services, it helps to keep prices down and tends to boost customer service. If you find your company cannot keep up, even though current customers rate you excellent in all of these areas, it may be that you aren’t bringing in new traffic, traffic that is needed to expand your business.

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How can you go about doing this? One way to boost your search engine ranking and drive new traffic to your site is to outsource your link building with the help of a link building company.

link buildingWhen comparing companies offering link building services, you must use a reputable company. Many companies make use of black hat techniques, which will hurt your business in the long run and possibly lead to your website being removed completely from the search engines. When choosing to outsource link building, how do you go about finding a reputable f? What should you be looking for, what questions should be asked, and what are red flags to be aware of?

Choosing an SEO Provider

Many factors play a role in the choice of SEO provider. Although you may wish to outsource this work to a company based on the recommendations of family and friends, if they are in a different industry, this may not be of help. Factors to consider include experience within your particular industry, reputation, and quality of work. Price does play a role in the process, yet should never be the sole deciding factor.

Explain what you expect from the company up front, as this provides the SEO firm with the opportunity to say definitively whether or not they can be of assistance to you. In addition, you want a company with a solid reputation.  One making use of ethical practices to draw in new traffic, build links, and more.

The company should also provide a way of tracking various aspects of the SEO campaign.  This will help ensure you are getting the level of quality that you are paying for.

Here Are a Few Questions to Ask Your Potential SEO Provider

Not all outsourcing companies provide these 6 things. Do your best to find one that does. See our top recommendation for a company you can trust.

Ask SEO Firms QuestionsQuestion #1 – What tools are used to measure the success of a campaign?

Metrics need to be put into place to determine which campaigns are working and which need to be modified or eliminated. When a company promises the top spot on the search engines, look elsewhere.  No company can guarantee this position.

Besides that though, remember you don’t have to be number one to see results. As long as you are on the first page of the search engine, you’ll see the benefits of their work.

Question #2 -How do you decide which keywords need to be used?

You need a company that conducts a detailed analysis of which keywords consumers are searching for. With this list in hand, the company needs to review the site to see if the keywords are being used correctly and frequently, yet care must be taken to ensure they aren’t keyword stuffing, as this can do more harm than good. In addition, you need to ask how often this analysis and review process will take place, as consumer behavior tends to change over time.

Question #3 – Who is responsible for content creation and what types of content will be used?

Relevant content remains the most important aspect of search engine optimization, and most SEO companies now provide the content for sites they design. Not all do though so this question must be asked. In addition, you want to know if they assist with multi-modal content, as many viewers now look specifically for these items when using a search engine. Request copies of content they have developed for clients to ensure you are satisfied with the quality of work.

Question #4 – What role does social media play in the search engine optimization strategy?

Search engines now take into account the various social networks when ranking sites. Search engine optimization currently encompasses all online activities, and the company you are outsourcing work to needs to be aware of this and optimize all communications coming from your business.

Question #5 – How do you tackle link building?

The SEO firm needs to have an established plan in place for link building with reputable, relevant sites. Ask how they prioritize these links, as search engines place more emphasis on links from particular sites, such as educational sites. If the SEO firm cannot explain how they handle this task or don’t seem to worry about links and/or prioritizing them, you’ll wish to look elsewhere.

Question #6 – Where have you had the most success?

Which client would you say has seen the most improvement as a result of your work? As the SEO firm representative answers this question, he or she needs to offer proof for any claims made. If a claim cannot be back up by metrics, it needs to be discounted.

Red Flags To Watch Out For

Do your research!  When you do you’ll see all sorts of  claims made by different providers. Some state you only pay when results are seen, yet don’t explain how results will be measured objectively. Others claim they will get your site to number one on the search engines or state specific results will be seen within a certain time frame. Avoid these companies as they cannot guarantee this.

Search engines are responsible for ranking sites, therefore they have control over this. In addition, you don’t want to use a provider who obtains links through auto-generated content, blogs and forum postings, as search engines tend to flag this material and label it spam. This hurts your site in the long run.

Don’t rush this process. Any work completed by the SEO provider reflects on your company. For this reason, you need a reputable firm, one committed to using genuine techniques to boost your site rating, rather than spam and black hat tactics. Anything less and your money is being wasted.

Our Top Questions Asked (And Their Answers)

Question:  How Do You Outsource Link Building?

Answer:  Outsourcing link building is pretty simple.  There are many merchants and freelance SEO’s available all over the world willing to sell you outsourcing solutions.  The tricky part here is know which one is a reliable source for building high quality links.  The best way to do this is to educate yourself on what makes a good link and then ask potential providers questions about their process for acquiring them.  Their answers will sift out the bad providers from the good providers.  The other option is to start working with a trust SEO Reseller to reduce the amount of “interviewing” you have to do.

Question:  How Do You Build Links After The Penguin Update?

Answer:  Building links after the Penguin update became a much more calculated tactic than prior.  Good, effective link building post-Penguin consists of a constant up-to-date understanding of your existing backlink profile, proactive hyper text control, and an absolute intolerance for letting spam links exist in your backlink profile.  Post Penguin link building is basically a lot of monitoring, acquiring, pruning, disavowing, and again…monitoring.  The links you acquire must absolutely be of the highest quality you can muster.  High Domain authority links help drive positive rankings better than most.  But how those link show up in the content and the keywords used are all very important to monitor and control.

Question:  How Do I Build Links Naturally?

Answer:  Natural link building is not something you can actively take part in.  Building links naturally is sort of an oxy-moronic term as far as Google is concerned.  Google’s definition of natural link building goes something like this – “Build it and they will come.”   That’s Google’s way of encouraging webmasters to create unique, high quality content for the websites.  By doing this they believe that visitors will share links to the site or page where that great content came from.