PosiRank Review – A Platform Low On Flash & Big On Results

PosiRank Updates As of 2017

There’s a lot going on at PosiRank these days.  We originally wrote this review quite a while ago now.  Below we’ll bring you up to speed on this newly revamped white label SEO platform.

We think you’ll like what you’re going to see 😉

Update #1 – New Reporting & Insights Suite

Showing client’s your value as an SEO can be a challenge sometimes.  You end up dealing with a few different situations like:

  1. Keywords Go Up or Down – immediate call or email from your client.
  2. Client Starts Getting More Leads – Their happy and keep you on but aren’t “convinced” it’s all of the hard work you put in or that crap sign they put on the corner of the street
  3. Client Has No Idea What Your Reports Mean – You spend too long in meetings trying to explain the real-world value of your service just for them to leave confused.
Those are all concerns of the past with PosiRank’s new reporting suite.

Here is a quote directly from their homepage describing what this new product does:

To measure the true impact of your organic visibility, you need to track lot more than just rankings & clicks…

That’s why our enterprise-grade reporting suite focuses on the metrics that matter – attribution & ROI at the user level.

Now your team or clients can easily understand the real-life results from your SEO campaigns.

(And you no longer need to spend days or weeks constantly building reports!)

Music to an SEO’s ears…  Just the report building aspect is worth it’s weight in gold.  And of course, this is a fully white-label dashboard you can use with your own domain.  Client’s won’t know the data is coming PosiRank’s servers.

Just take a look at some of the top features.

  • Prove ROI & Attribution Easily
  • Get Top Opportunities By Keyword – This is a big one…
  • White Label Dashboard on Your Domain
  • Top Link Candidates For Reinforcement – This is very powerful

Read about all of these features and more here.

Update #2 – The Campaign Architect

These guys are really doing their best to make this platform dead simple for agencies to get results for their clients.

Does this sound familiar?

  • How long til we rank on page 1?
  • How much will it cost?

The campaign architect is designed for you enter your client’s specific situation, site, keywords, budget, competition.  Then the architect (which is a real in-house SEO) comes up with a customized 3 month promotional PDF for you to follow.

If you approve of what they’ve created, they’ll put in your first month’s order for you (big time saver), and create a Basecamp thread where you can speak with them one on one.

It’s pretty high level, concierge-style service.  You’d think it’d cost thousands.

It doesn’t.  It only costs $49 for a personal account (no monthly minimums to be a personal account).  No idea how they’re managing that.  Perhaps it’s just an introductory price for now.  Either way it’s a big time saver.

Please Note:  What you are about to read unbiased.  

Professional SEO’s all over the world need a high quality source for their promotion methods. Link building, content creation, and website building need to be top tier in today’s landscape. If the quality level isn’t there, Google will see it and rank you accordingly.  These were the goals we had when started working with PosiRank.

Finding the right partner that fits the bill for each and every one of those criteria has been considered similar to finding a pot of gold. It doesn’t happen often and when it does you’ve found something rare and special. When you find that, you’ve got yourself a partner that will help you build your business as they build theirs.

At least, that’s how we felt when we found PosiRank. After endless hours using automated software that built questionable quality links (the question really isn’t that hard to answer) it was time for a change. Automation doesn’t cut it today. You and your clients end up with sub par links that produce sub par rankings.

As we evolved from automated software to white label SEO service providers one thing became clear. Not all of these platforms are created equal. And in fact, a couple of the prominent solutions are really just the same company (think eBrandz). Finding a platform you can trust is really a matter of using the products and communicating with the owners & or project managers.

Obviously we like PosiRank. It wasn’t love at first sight though. We had to actually use the products and talk with the team before we came to that conclusion. Here are our thoughts on their strengths and weaknesses.

We’ll avoid telling you about white label options as that’s what these companies are for. Yes, they have complete white label services you can sell as your own. That just comes with the territory. This should be assumed as you read on.

PosiRank StrengthsStrengths

Backlink Quality & Variety – This is what drives solid rankings for your clients today. High page rank relevant links on real websites. That’s exactly what you’ll find here. From high domain authority links to guest posts on real websites (not link farms); you’ll be able to achieve results.

Strong Menu of Related Products & Services – As we stated above. There is a list of criteria that needs to be met with the highest quality. Beyond link building, PosiRank offers high quality content creation, reporting, and lead gen website building.

We were able to order on page SEO reports, articles of nearly any variety and length, as well as micro sites to help drive even more leads for our clients. What’s more is that all content is written by American writers. You won’t find poorly written or researched content here.

Advanced Training & Support – All agencies that sign with PosiRank have access to the strategy room (forum), as well as a host of tutorial PDF’s and guides. These guys even produce a weekly “Showcase” series where they build and rank sites with their own products. It’s 100% transparency. That’s not something you’ll find with other resellers.

PosiRank WeaknessesWeaknesses

They’re Not Flashy – You won’t find colorful reports here. Sure you get reports, but they’re not full of pie charts and graphs. They provide the same info, just in a more basic form. So if you’re looking to impress clients with reports, you won’t find it here.

No Additional Software – Client dashboards and “SEO audit” software are popular sales fodder for other white label SEO providers. You don’t get that stuff with PosiRank.

The merits of this type of software is debatable in our opinion. We’re not convinced that this kind of software isn’t just that – sales material to sign up would be agencies. So take this con with a grain of salt.

PosiRank Has Made Major Changes

When we first wrote this review we mentioned that we weren’t in love with this company at first site.  While that’s still true our relationship has grown quite a bit over time.  We’ve come to appreciate the support and their never ending dedication to putting out the highest quality products and services.  2015 brought some of the most significant changes we’ve seen them make to date.

New Services Since July 2015

Advanced CrowdSearch – This has been a big deal in our business.  For those clients of ours that ranked well but needed that extra little push this is what did it for us.  Just take a look at what PosiRank says about this service in their own words

Crowdsearching is the first legitimate game-changer in SEO since Google’s inception, because – unlike every other strategy – the results are nearly instantaneous…

Basically they manipulate your CTR in Google using very specific measures.  This isn’t just a matter of hiring some people to click on your organic listings to improve your CTR.  It doesn’t work like that.  It can’t.  This has to be done in a very scientific manner to properly increase CTR, time on site, and pages visited.

When you use this service you’ll see nearly instantaneous results for the right client.  Just be warned, if you start this you’ve got to keep it up.  That’s why picking the right client before starting this service is so important.

Link Disavow Service – This one is another game changer.  As we all know now Google’s Penguin algorithm will be updating much more frequently in the past.  So that means they’ll be analyzing your backlink profile several times per year.  That’s both good and bad news.

It’s great news for those clients that get hit.  They now have a chance to get their site re-evaluated much faster and potentially get their rankings back sooner.  On the other hand this means you’ve got to keep your backlink profile SQUEAKY clean.  This is just now part of the SEO game.

This service uses very expensive software to find all of a clients backlinks and analyze them.  Then from here they give some unfortunate soul the task of going through each backlink by hand.  That means a real human being is evaluating every link you have to decide if you should keep it or not.  It’s a long tedious process that absolutely must be done.  And these guys do an amazing job of it.

When it’s complete you get a nice, neat, ready-to-submit disavow file for Google.  So next time Penguin swings buy your site is in the clear.  We can’t stress how big this service is.  It saves us hundreds of man hours.

Other Platform Changes

  • Personal Accounts Are Now Available – This is great news for some of our friends that have wanted to use PosiRank to promote their own site or sites.  You don’t get the same pricing as you would with a  reseller (wholesale) account but it’s still pretty good.  You’ll also not have access to the recurring automation features.  But so what – if you’re only using it for your own site you don’t need that.
  • Cart System – No longer do you have to buy credits and then purchase products (although that’s still available).  You can now select products and checkout just like any online store.  This is a nice feature if you’re in a rush.
  • Wholesale Rewards Program – This is great for us as we’re into reselling.  When you have an active wholesale account with PosiRank they will give you discounts on select products.  That discount will last for one month at a time.  When you’re active for consecutive months your discount increases each month.  It’s going to save us a lot of money in the long run.


Overall, PosiRank excels in almost every category that matters most with SEO resellers. Sure, they’re not going to knock your socks off with flash and software. But you’ve got to take a look at your business and your goals in depth. Does it matter you don’t have automated software to help with pre-sales (common with audit tools)?

Or would you prefer that your reseller be able to deliver the highest quality products and services on-time? Would you like a platform that offers some of the most effective promotion methods and training available today? I think we both know the answer to those questions. Cutting edge means being able to produce results repeatedly despite the changing landscape. It doesn’t mean being able to show clients pretty colors in a PDF.

Our Top Questions Asked (And Their Answers)

Question:  How Do I Outsource SEO Services?

Answer:  Outsourcing SEO services, especially when working with PosiRank is quite easy to do.  As you can see from the images and review above their platform is built to easily guide you through the ordering process.  If you know you want keyword research for 5 different pages, then that’s what you’ll order.  If you’re unsure of exactly what you need to outsource you can use their helpful ordering wizard system.  And if neither of those options are doing the job well enough you can always hop in their strategy room (forum) and ask.  One of their professionally trained staff members will answer any question you have.  They really are a knowledgeable team that just wants to see you and your client’s sites rank well.

Question:  Are SEO Consultants Worth The Money?

Answer:  Technically PosiRank is an SEO reseller.  They offer a number of SEO products and services to help you get you or your client’s sites higher in Google’s SERPs.  They do have one on one consult calls available to customers to help them narrow down the issues with their sites and what steps to take next.  These calls are incredibly valuable.  As a customer myself, Jason, they consultant I spoke with showed me exactly why my site wasn’t ranking well and what to do to fix it.  After doing that my site began ranking much better and driving more revenue than ever.  It was worth every penny.

Question:  What Does An SEO Specialist Do?

Answer:  An SEO specialist should be able to conceive, research, and implement any and all SEO tactics a website may need in order to achieve good rankings within Google.  An SEO specialist is a highly trained and experienced individual.  They literally specialize in achieve positive SEO results.  The only problem with SEO specialists is that anyone can call themselves one.  This is huge benefit of working with a Platform like PosiRank.  They’ve already done their due diligence with their specialists.  They know that their specialists are the real deal and keep them on a continual education path to provide the best results possible.